Our Vision

"Community at Level 8" is a Network-to-Work initiative which SCG has designed
to empower, educate and provide opportunities through our network capabilities to
assist individuals entering the work community.

SCG understands that people want to work and can but may lack
the resources and support. This is where we can help!


Our mission through "Community at Level 8" is to support and promote all people in pursuit of active work with the help of our available resources and networks.

    Our Community Network

    Partners Alan & Raphael are willing to help connect people
    to jobs, provide practical advice on job applications, CVs, resumes
    and gaps that may need attention.

      Twice weekly Wednesday and Thursday.
      Anytime between 09.00AM - 17.00PM

      Network Format

      • The Group will set the agenda and topics.
      • We will discuss topics, contact resources and approach employers.
      • We will network.
      • We will help each other achieve goals.
      • We will identify your gaps and set a plan to fill them.


      • If you come, you agree to contribute and work hard.
      • Ask questions, lots of questions.
      • Be prepared to share. Be prepared to help.

      Entry Requirements

      • A computer if you have one.
      • Hope.
      • Willingness to do what it takes to get or create work.