Project Management: Rail, Tram & Public Transport


Yarra Trams

  • Tender advisory services.
  • Project Management of the new tram fleet
    integration for a fleet of trams.
  • Project Engineering - tram fleet upgrades.

Public Transport

  • V-Line carriage overhaul and exams for standard gauge fleet.
  • Global trends research, risks assessments, human factors review and compliance of wheelchair restraints.
  • Passenger Information Systems (PIS) design and installation.

Downer Group

  • Level Crossings
  • Rolling stock planning
  • Strategic Advice

Integrated Recycling

  • Rail infrastructure Product development
  • Strategic product marketing
  • Client Design liaison

Project Management: Manufacturing, Construction & Other


Plant development for fabricated accommodation modules including:

  • Quality Management System Design and documentation.
  • Organisational structure development.
  • Business and Process Risk evaluation.
  • Plant and equipment selection and safety evaluation.


  • Manufacturing support and advice using modular- off site techniques for the construction of high rise buildings (Melbourne and Singapore).
  • Factory setup, layout and Plant and Equipment selection, design
    and manufacture.


  • Bid manager for single deck trains.
  • Tender inputs for Stakeholder Management, Workforce Development & Training, Local Content (Local Industry Development Plans – LIDP), strategic advice and assessment.

Business Development

  • Marketing and Quality Management System development for a company specialising in the repair, maintenance & servicing of public transport vehicles.

Strategic and Manufacturing Consultancy Services

Rail Industry

Export Development Plan for Local Manufacturers.



  • Local manufacturing strategic planning.
  • Local Content expertise.
  • Market/ Product development.

Safety and Human Factors

  • “Hot spot” risk assessments, human factors reviews and
    compliance assessments.
  • Safety assessments.
  • Human Factors Assessments- rolling stock.

Maintenance Services Management



  • Productivity, planning, skills and tooling requirements, safety interventions.
  • Maintenance and organisational adviser to rolling stock maintainer Victoria.