Strategic Connections Group is committed to supporting local manufacturers.

We work with our partners to aid technology development and ensure that the Australian Industry is relevant, competitive innovative and capable.

The ARCS Group

Train Control, Systems Engineering, Requirements Management, SCADA, Signalling, CCTV, PIS

ARCS were established over 25 years ago by Phil McCluskey and Phil Lock with the focus originally being on the rail industry in WA and Queensland. In recent years ARCS has undertaken a range of work for clients in other states including Victoria, Tasmania and NSW, and we have the objective of becoming the supplier of choice in those areas (which includes SCADA and train control) where our track record and reputation is excellent.

ARCS are a group of industry professionals with specialist and significant engineering and applied IT experience in the application of innovative technology solutions to solve difficult problems. The ARCS Group have extensive experience in the fields of SCADA, train control, asset monitoring, CCTV and related disciplines within the rail and related industries and through the high calibre of its staff have extensive experience in applied technology in many engineering fields.

ARCS have offices in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Schofield & Associates

Professional Structural Engineers

Greg Schofield & Associates Pty Ltd is a consulting structural engineering practice, based in Melbourne Australia, established in 1986.  The company has developed expertise in retention systems for basements and abutments, tied back retaining walls using steel ladders and HDPE tie back anchors, design of pre-stress super tee beams for road bridges, design of hitches to Melbourne trams, inspection of tram bogies for fatigue cracking, design of steel structures and reporting on structural failures and risk mitigation for local government.

The company consists of Greg Schofield as the sole director who is the main design engineer with a design draftsperson on staff.  Greg Schofield regularly calls on his professional network should advice be sought from a wider field.

Greg Schofield & Associates Pty Ltd undertakes at least one hundred separate design contacts per year. 

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