The Strategic Connections Group team has over 30 years of experience working in a number of industry sectors. Our strengths are in project delivery services, safety compliance, strategic plan­ning and business development and managing innovation, manufacturing and export opportunities to reality.

What We Offer


Service Capability

• Strategic and business planning

• Project and construction management

• Logistics and project procurement services

• Safety Compliance, OHS&E, QMS systems,
human factors.

Enterprise & Business Development

• Strategic advisory services

• Tender support (alliances, D & C, partnering)

• Stakeholder consultation, representation and negotiation

• Government grant applications



Safety, Risk, Environment and Human Factors Capability Statement

Strategic Connection Group offers clients safety, risk, environmental and human factors services and solutions that assists the companies to proactively manage their safety risk through employing safe design, plant and equipment, people and processes thereby minimising site accidents and incidents to achieve a “Zero harm” vision.  


Our company has highly specialised and skilled Safety professionals (members affiliated with Safety Institute of Australia) who bring a broad range of safety capabilities and services to medium and large business organisations including but not limited to:

  • Railway operations, rolling stock, infrastructure & projects
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Heavy Engineering projects
  • Defence


Our Capability Summary includes:

  • Design, develop and implement the Rail SMS, QMS, OHSE and Human factors framework and processes.
  • Facilitate risk assessments at strategic, functional and departmental levels on major projects, innovations, modifications, procurement, operational and safety related topics.
  • Develop detailed risk registers and safety cases to demonstrate risk mitigation to the level of “So far as is reasonably practicable.”
  • Facilitate Human Factors risk assessments to increase human efficiency and productivity.
  • Develop & deliver training on a wide range of rail safety, OHS, Environmental and Human Factors topics.
  • Develop emergency and business continuity plans for the organisations.
  • Audit company’s Safety Management Systems for compliance with the relevant standards.
  • Audit company’s safety governance frameworks for effectiveness.
  • Develop Rail Safety Interface / Interface Co-ordination plans between rail, road and other utilities to manage ongoing risks throughout their life cycle.
  • Provide ongoing strategic advice to Executives and managers on safety matters that represent the greatest risk in their companies.
  • Conduct investigation using the ICAM/ root cause analysis techniques.