What if you could streamline your supply chain to leverage better compliance outcomes?

Today at Avalon 2019, Strategic Connections Group signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ValueChain and Anywise to create a data system that helps businesses better understand and analyse their supply chains.

This MoU has been in the works since SCG attended Euronaval in Paris of October 2018. During Euronaval, Charlotte Morris of the Victorian Defence Alliances (VDA) introduced our representatives to the people at ValueChain and Anywise. From that point, the Victorian State Government and key stakeholders have supported the three companies to collaborate and innovate. Thanks to this support, we have been able to engage in thorough and ongoing discussion to expound upon and elucidate our ideas into the collaborative arrangement, formalised today.

ValueChain is a UK based company specialising in technology design. They have created a collaboration network, iQluster, which facilitates innovation by increasing access to knowledge and experience of work already completed by participating businesses. iQluster is relevant for the transport industry of Victoria as it can immediately leverage the foresight gained from SCG’s extensive list of previous transport projects.

Anywise is a Victorian based company who specialise in distribution and transformation of data. They can enhance profitability of supply chains by decreasing the number of suppliers, improving information accuracy and reducing risk. Adding to the mix SCG’s industry expertise, stakeholder management and data collection proficiency, the strategic partnership looks set to pioneer the future of supply chain management.


The Victorian State Government has been instrumental throughout this entire process. Particular thanks needs to be given to Georges Di Scala from Ecodev, Tony Heath from Defence Investment and Trade – Europe & UK and Claire Willette from the Australian Defence Alliance – Victoria. These three individuals have reinforced to us the effort and lengths that the Victorian State Government is willing to go to, to deliver for its resident companies.  

Moreover, linking two Victorian companies to ValueChain’s iQluster network promises to open up more collaboration opportunities with European and British companies, not only for SCG and Anywise, but for all of our partnering and affiliated companies. This will provide considerable assistance in marketing resident capabilities to international markets, driving industry growth.

Our supply chain data system will further enhance understanding of resident capabilities by assisting international clients to better understand and optimise the support they can receive from companies in Victoria.


SCG’s team is made up of a unique diversification of competencies, from engineers and industrial designers, freight and logistic experts through to innovation and business systems specialists. Having such a diverse team allows us to support highly complex, large scale and sensitive projects. A major aspect of what we do is connect companies with key stakeholders to help them streamline their projects.

Being part of the Victorian Government Pavilion at Avalon 2018 places us at arm’s reach from key industry stakeholders and players. Speak to us today about getting yourself on the right pathway to success in the defence and rail sectors.