From my university experience in Sweden, over a full year, it made me realise how important cultural exchanges are; how important it is to open up to the World in order to understand how future international business partners might work.
— Stephane Roudier, SCG Exchange Student 2013

SCG is part of an initiative to encourage specialist internships by overseas post graduate students.



The initiative started from an opportunity offered by the School of Foundry (ESFF) in Paris.
ESFF gives its students the chance to intern abroad for a minimum of 6 weeks with the aim of improving students knowledge of English, in addition to expanding their global network.

In 2013 SCG facilitated the first two students in their internship, provided them with contacts
and a strong local base for them to explore the opportunities for future French students in the Victorian Foundry industry.

The initiative has been recognised by The Foundry Association of France and the Victorian Government.

Please contact us if you are interested in discussing an internship.